Contrary to some opinions – getting older is an interesting journey and since I am a baby boomer ( born just after WW2) I think we 60somethings have a great deal going or us and we are still going out and getting it. There’s an energy in this generation that I am proud to contribute to.

My credentials are short: 69 going on 39, commonly known as the Duracell bunny, have allowed my hair to go white but added red/pink streaks, which has become my trade mark and love theatre, music, food, books and people! Public relations has been my career for the last 30 or so years but I grew up with fashion and that’s what I studied before emigrating to the South Africa . have lived here very happily for the last 46 years and love this country…and Cape Town which has been my home for 37 years. So there you have it! Short (as I am) and sweet (as I sometimes try to be.)..read on!

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